Gender-based Analysis Plus: Respectful Engagement for Equitable Outcomes

Impact Assessment, Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+), Environmental Justice
Anna Johnston, Heidi Walker and Dawn Hoogeveen

Natural resource and industrial development projects do not affect people equally. While projects like mines, pipelines and dams can create jobs and other economic benefits, they also often pose serious environmental, social, cultural, safety and health risks that are disproportionately borne by different populations.

Gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) is a means of addressing these inequalities. Required under the federal Impact Assessment Act, GBA+ is a tool for assessing how intersecting identity factors, including gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, age, and mental or physical disability impact how policies, plans, programs and decisions are experienced.

This informational booklet describes what GBA+ is, why it is important, and good practice for effective GBA+ in impact assessment. 

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